Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How money "flows"from bottom to top

It took me sometime, but finally I have a clear picture.
It is always the same pattern, the same tricks.
I am talking about the major crisis of 1929 1990 2000 2008 and the very next one I still do not know when.
First the FED increases the monetary mass let'say 60% or more, lowers interest rates to almost nothing.
This money goes to the market (easy credit), creates prosperity and surplus that people invest in a brand new bubble created by Wall Street.
In 1920 was the stock market bubble, 1990 2000 Enron and internet bubble, 200 2008 mortgage and derivatives (CDO CDS) bubble.
Next step is suddenly withdrawing all the money from the market.
No credit means the one who borrowed has to sell.
If everybody sells the market crashes.
They say: today these billions were burned in the market.
Nothing is burned, it is simply transferred from the mass to the elite.
That is why they get richer and richer and we get poorer and poorer.
The final transfer, has yet to come, but it is close....
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