Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Internet should be really "Global"

The recent NSA revelations question the US role in the Internet.
The European Union's executive is calling for a more international and less dominated by America Internet.
The first step should be a shift away from the California-based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), which is subject to US law, is contracted by the US administration and is empowered to supervise how digital traffic operates.
"Given the US-centric model of internet governance currently in place, it is necessary to broker a smooth transition to a more global model while at the same time protecting the underlying values of open multi-stakeholder governance …"
"Large-scale surveillance and intelligence activities have led to a loss of confidence in the internet and its present governance arrangements."
The European institution calls also against increasing governmental attempts to control the internet, as in China, Russia, Iran and increasingly Turkey, which passed a stringent law last week curbing online freedoms.
There fundamental freedoms and human rights are on stake.
Also every decision over domain names and IP addresses shouldn't be monopolized.
"The next two years will be critical in redrawing the global map of internet governance,"
"Governments are trying to bring the internet under national control. States like Russia and China use the argument of increasing cyber-security to increase control over their own population. Organisations such as Icann, which registers domain names worldwide, currently function under US law. That has to change."
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