Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Small is ugly

Do you remember when small was beautiful?
Well, now the fashion or trend or whatever you want to call it, is that big is beautiful.
The bigger the better.
Even More Too Big to fail, that is the new big standard.
Many small, local banks?
No, just a few, very big.
Unite, absorb, kill, close bancroupt...till you get too big to fail.
Small big nations, united nations of...?
No, the super state. The one too big to fail.
Many currencies?
No, one only currency, the one too big to fail.
It won't last.
Because the world IS NOT mathematics, the world is made by Humans.
And humans do not work to make the others rich, they work to make themselves rich.
Humanity doesn't evolve because one man works for humanity, it evolves because one man works to make a better world for himself and his family.
The Medieval times were called the dark age, because nothing came out of them.
The Renaissance, those where the days of the city state, the artists, the scientists.
That was America, with the real healthy capitalism.
What America is now is the Dark Ages.
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