Thursday, February 06, 2014

Looking like an expert even without being one

Finding a job now a day is not so easy, and if you are a woman, who needs to find it not too far from home and also has a family...
That was my friend Laura's case and I guess she was very intelligent and lucky to find the right one.
She liked computers and Internet, she knew how to make a website and how to improve it, so, what was better than becoming a SEO reseller?
And may be working for an important company, one with experience dealing with companies like Coca Cola, Ford, General electric...
Could you look for something better?
With their SEO reseller programs she can transform the customer's website in a hub of information's, (in their category), simply using their technology and the right search engine optimization.
Using the appropriate tools she is able to reach high search engine rankings, and generate leads.
In a few words, my friend went from being a seo appassionato to an expert. (or looking like)
Furthermore with their private-labeled Social Media program she can give her clients a platform to build a social media strategy, reach out to customers, and get a conversation started.
That helps her customers to reach their customers and makes them more available and exposed on the Internet.
She can count on a complete and efficient team of writers, marketers, developers and analysts that work to help her to achieve more skills as well as helping her customers.
She also can count on targeted email campaigns that help driving new leads through her client's sales funnel.
Good luck Laura!
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