Monday, July 04, 2005

Black or White, who cares?

If telling the truth is being boring, well welcome the boredom...

People get old and so do Nations alongside with their people, because a Nation IS its people, isn't it?

And USA and Europe are definitely getting very old.

The Latins built a huge Empire, they were very clever to organize it (Divide et Impera) they were very good soldiers, but one day, they got old without even realizing it.
Because, when you are old, time goes slower, and you do not see that well anymore.
They didn't see young generations, uncultured may be, but for that reason more alive and fighter, coming from the North.
And since they didn't see, they were unable to prevent.

Now the new comes from the South.

In Italy the growth has reached a positive number thanks to the Immigrants.
Out of three borne babies, two are black.
That means that the future generation will be of "non what they think traditional Italians".

They WILL be Italians, but they won't be like the fathers of the fathers.

Some people are outrageously enraged by it.

It is just Future, it is just History repeating itself.
And it is in the interest of the World progress.
The life must go on, black or white, who cares?
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