Friday, July 08, 2005

A new way of stealing

"Just when you thought the world was one big happy WiFi sharing place, someone gets arrested. Police recently charged a Florida man with a third-degree felony charge. According to this article, he allegedly accessed a WiFi network belonging to a St. Petersburg man without permission. According to the police, Benjamin Smith III was seen by Richard Dinon outside Dinon's home on the night of April 20, 2005, sitting in a parked SUV and using a laptop computer.
When Dinon went outside to deposit his trash, Smith quickly closed the laptop and tried to hide it."

Smith was not intelligent enough.
He should have just said:

I was using your server as a "Skype's supernode".
That would have made everything legal.

Unless in Russia they still do not know Skype in SPITE OF THE SKYPE'S optimistic statistics.
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