Friday, July 15, 2005

Living in the country


We finally MOVED.
Not everything, the office is still in the same place, because of the Broadband connection (in Italy you cannot have good air and good connections in the same place...we are still a little backward when it comes to Internet)

But the country in Summer has so much to offer that you can also forget to be without the Internet.
The real world is so much better than the virtual one.
So green and peaceful and relaxing...especially when you finished all you had to do (which is around 10 pm.)
Unpacking, washing, cleaning, mowing the grass, watering, removing weeds...and if you cannot finish today there is always a tomorrow with plenty of time to fill with the most colourful tasks.

But we are still in that idyllic moment in which you just see the nice of it and not the bad.
I tremble thinking when it will come the opposite...

For now let's enjoy it...
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