Thursday, November 01, 2007


So free has a cost: the psychological value of convenience.
As Steve Jobs put it at the iTunes Music Store launch, you may save a little money downloading from Kazaa, but "you're working for under minimum wage." And what's true for music is doubly true for movies and games, where the quality of pirated products can be even more dismal, viruses are a risk, and downloads take so much longer.

This is the "not worth it" moment where the wallet opens.
But there is a huge asymmetry between the people who have a lot of money and people who have a lot of time.
And to the last, time is worth almost zero and working under the minimum wage is still more convenient than doing nothing...

And the Internet has since long showed the value of work done for zero revenues, but a huge profit.
In an age of electronic money, virtual transactions, it can also look more convenient to charge a virtual product with virtual revenues.
At the end, there is no Bank having any profit out of it.
And WE ALL KNOW Banks are usually NOT CHEAP.

This too can be the future answer to those who take enormous and disproportional advantage from money transactions:

At least for what concerns the Internet.
This usually happens when you ask too much,at the end you finish with nothing...
And this should also be a warning for all copyright resellers...
When you charge too much, it becoms more convenient to cheat you...

By offering fair pricing, ease of use, and consistent quality, you can compete with free, otherwise...
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