Thursday, November 01, 2007

Curtains and Poles can change your house

I think I am fanatic when it comes to curtains.
Because I realized how important they are to give the right light to a room.
And most people who think of themselves as interior designers focus too much on expensive furniture and mix of colors without understanding that it is the light that actually makes the colors and no mixture can look nice in the wrong light.
I usually like plain, white, simple curtains.
They easily go with every style and give the right light to any room.
And what about poles?
I think exactly the same.
Poles should enhance the appearance of the room and of course of the curtain.
Well, I go as far as to say the poles very often make the curtain.
At Terry's Fabric Warehouse they stock a huge range of quality curtain poles to suit every budget and requirement.
I think you do not need to spend a fortune, but you need to spend time to look and decide which is the right one.
And what is better than a website where they can show a huge selection of poles AND curtains and tell you how to match them and what goes with what?
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