Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Be A Ringtone DJ - Make Cool Free Ringtones

Many ringtone applications encourage you to be more creative by providing some easy-to-use tools to create, mix and share tones on the Web. Beside the fact that they are useful, it is also fun to create AND they’re free. . . (which is always a good deal)

Here are some cool services that will help you find, create, mix and share tones that you love:

Razz is an audio platform, which includes carrier-class telephony, content and web systems that enable consumers to mix their voice with sound clips and music to create personalized and entertaining communications. You select the theme, background music, and record your own voice to make a completely unique ringtone. Then you can send it to your own phone, share it with your friends or post it on your site/blog.


ToneMine allows you to create, download, manage, store and share your ringtone creations. With the assistance of their mixer and its 8 different soundpacks, you can easily compose, mix and create your own killer tones. You can also discover, and download free ringtones from other community members or create a collection of your favorite tones.

Phonezoo makes it easy for you to make free ringtones and share them with others. With Phonezoo, it’s simple for you to turn the music you already own into custom ringtones and get them on your phone. You can also explore the ringtones other members of the Phonezoo community have created and rate them, comment on them and get them for yourself.

My favorite:

I was really impressed when I first saw Musicshake’s presentation at the Techcrunch40 conference, their platform is absolutely amazing! Musicshake enables you to create professional mixes and share your creations on their site. MusicShake owns all the music and the business model includes a revenue share for the music creators. Unfortunately, it's not web-based application but it still worth the download even though it does not work with Firefox. . . yet.

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