Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Free and Open Source Music!"

This means simply, you can use the music for whatever you want at no cost (free). Our individual mix tracks are also free and available for download in FLAC format for sampling or remixing (open source). We provide OGG versions along with MP3 versions of our downloadable instrumentals.

Each month a new CD single mix will be posted for free download. By posting one single per month we can avoid getting a huge bandwidth bill and still provide high quality tracks along with the MP3 and OGG versions.

We have been asked why we use MP3 format if we are Free and Open Source and the answer to that is, IT'S THE MUSIC that is Free and Open Source. We do intend to have a complete FOSS based setup while also being able to provide content in non-biased format(s) that are readily accessible for all. At this time the project is around 80% FOSS based.

Use the tracks for podsafe music in your podcast, backing or overlay music in videos, remix for a total new track, or just whatever you want. We do not demand you let us know what you create but we would like to hear it and post it on the site for others to hear.

The Dejunair Project is currently 2 main collaborators, MrBouncy and McStrum, havin fun and sharing in all the work. Our instrumentals merge many styles of music with a little humor to keep things up beat. The project is not even a year old yet so give us time to grow and mature. It's all about Peace Love and Happiness!

We have added a Jam Tracks section to the wiki where you can download tracks that do not have lead tracks. Nothing super fancy but at the least some thing new for you to practice and perfect your guitar playing skills against.

The Dejunair Project is a proud member of Anyone is encouraged to contribute sound files to the Opsound's open sound pool.

The Dejunair Project
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