Sunday, November 11, 2007

Big animals extinct because of the lack of prey

One of my favorite jokes, just a lovely piece of writing, is Chris Rock's bit about the time one of Siegfried and Roy's tigers mauled Roy.

"Everybody's mad at the tiger. 'That tiger went crazy!' That tiger didn't go crazy ... that tiger went tiger."

This is how I feel about corporations in general, extended to the Studios in particular. There are those who rail at the AMPTP for being profit-maximizing heartless, soul-less bastards as if that were a bad thing. It's not.

A corporation's job is to make money, and if necessary fuck you in the process. Just like a tiger's job is to eat, and if necessary kill you in the process. I'm okay with that. I like capitalism. A lot. I like tigers. A lot. That doesn't mean I trust corporations not to try to screw me and everyone next to me when negotiating. Nor would I trust a tiger not to attack me in the wild. Nor am I personally offended when they try.

John Rogers

That is it! That is exactly why WE all are at this point!
Making money and fucking the others is a process that brings you to the point where you won't make any money any more.
Because for making a good business it needs two: the one who produces and the one who consumes.
But the one who consumes also has the need to make the money to consume the stuff of the one who produces...
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