Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rechargeable batteries? Yes, please.

In science and technology, a battery is a tool that stores energy and makes it available in an electrical form. Batteries consist of electrochemical devices such as galvanic cells. The worldwide battery industry generates 48 billion US dollars in sales each year. There are different types of batteries that are available in the US market

Lead-acid batteries, invented in 1859 by French physicist Gaston Planté, are the most commonly used rechargeable batteries today. Battery Supply In found that batteries are divided into two main types-rechargeable and disposable. Disposable batteries are intended to be used once, until the chemical that induces the electrical current supply, is finished. Rechargeable batteries can be re-charged after they have been exhausted.

Types of disposable batteries are Zinc-carbon battery, Zinc-chloride battery, Alkaline battery, Lithium battery and likes of Mercury battery.
Rechargeable batteries include Lithium ion polymer battery, Nickel-cadmium battery and the likes of Nickel-zinc battery. Traction batteries are designed to provide power to move a vehicle, such as an electric car or tow motor. The home-made supply of batteries include the method of inserting two electrodes into a lemon or potato to generate small amounts of electricity.


Flow batteries are also quite in demand because of higher capacities due to additional quantities of electrolyte stored outside the main power cell of the battery. While going through several economic reports, Battery Supply In found that the overall batteries market has seen substantial growth since 2002. The ever expanding portable digital device market like that of PDAs, hand-helds and mobiles are the biggest drivers of battery sales. Though rechargeable battery sales account for only a small piece of overall battery sales, the section is anticipated to grow more quickly than the primary batteries segment. The supply of batteries has to be stepped up in future as it also finds application in radical sectors like in the medical field. Battery Supply In will provide relevant information and help you take well-informed decisions.
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