Tuesday, November 06, 2007

IPTV: a copy of the actual TV

What's all the hoo-hah over about?Kate Bevan The Guardian Thursday November 1 2007

Streaming video of top telly shows, free on the interweb: it sounds worth making a hoo-hah about. NBC announced the launch of the site after its agreement with Apple to distribute TV shows via iTunes fell apart back in August.
According to NBC, it accounted for 40% of video downloads on iTunes, so clearly that online content - and revenue - had to go somewhere. The result was, a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp. will offer embedded streaming videos on the website, supported by advertising - which, it says, will be less annoying than adverts on broadcast television: they will be in the form of banners alongside the video, text along the bottom of the picture or clips that are interspersed with the stuff you actually want to see.

What is different from the actual TV?
The result is a copy of it with a huge amount of bandwidth wasted.
Ip at its best use means users' made content.
The Internet was born as an opposite model of the actual media.
Not as something broadcasted from one and downloaded from the others.
It is a Network, where every connected end adds a piece of content.
THIS and only THIS is the real winning model of IPTV.
All the rest is just a good or bad copy...
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