Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Guess: who is gonna be watching you?

The world, better said the human beings in it, has/have not got better.
Nowaday one is not save anywhere - not in the house or away from it.
And so, we need help and tools to feel save.
A good tool is a surveillance security cameras system, which allows you to watch on a screen what's going on in and around your house.
It is also possible to have everything registered on a Harddrive or DVD whenever there is an unexpected movement somewhere.
Beyond household usage, businesses and even farms can use homesight to monitor sensitive areas, such as cash registers or livestock gates. A simple summary screen displays status of all components for easy observation and control.
And with a broadband connection and always-on PC, the entire system, including camera images, can be remotely monitored and controlled via tools such as Windows XP Pro's Remote Desktop.
This allows powerful and inexpensive monitoring of distant locations such as vacation homes or rental properties.
Should you have a big house or even a commercial building to secure, you can upgrade such a system up to 32 simultaneous camera's.
On your screen you can see whats going on in every single place.
You can feel save also being away from your house or office, because it is also possible to check your camera(s) over the internet.
Another feature making you feel save is the possibility to call your mobile phone whenever there is an unexpected action on any of the installed cameras.
And if you want to be safe at a good price, you must buy directly from the Factory.
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