Friday, November 02, 2007

Value of a Blog Edit

Steve Rubel declares dead the idea that blog links as a measure of authority.

There is a very easy and fast way to measure the influence and importance of a blog: the possibility to comment.

If you are invited to do so and you can do it the easiest way, then it is a low frequented blog.

Even more if the owner personally writes back thanking and commenting your comment.

If you have to register before commenting, that means they have a lot of comments and consider them bothering, so making it more difficult is a way of politely discouraging it.

There are even places where they openly declare annoying to receive comments and, since they were too many, they decided to stop it.

THOSE are the BLOGS.

Too bad they are no fun anymore. Talking is one of the few funs of life, inferior only to discussing.

For me the valuable blogs are the provocative ones, the ones you cannot resist to comment, the ones that invite you to.

For me THOSE are the BLOGS.

Links or no links. I read and comment for fun, not for links.

I blog for fun and NOT as a job.

I pity the ones who have the JOB to BLOG.
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