Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What I learned from life

The best teacher for everybody was, is and will always be life.
You never really learn unless you do, you try, you smell, you fall, you jump, you win, you loose.
Man is the measurer of all things.
What and how something is, depends on us, all from us.
The first thing we have to learn is that we are not what we profess to be.
When we have learned that, we shall at all events be more forbearing, forgiving, and loving towards others.
The second that happiness is not in What we get, but what we achieve, and most of all, the happiness that nothing can take away from us is the feeling that we have done our best, even if we fail, and we all fail sometimes.
The little I have done, the little I have achieved, I owe very much to the necessities I had to meet.
The easy life is the one that teaches us very little, which makes us selfish and arrogant.
Which gives us the false illusion that we can get something for free.
Nothing really comes free, nothing should come free.
Because happiness is very often in doing and working and struggling, much more than just getting. The dream of a reality is often happier than the reality of the dream.
To delight in doing one's work in life, that is what helps one on.
The most important thing that life taught me: no matter what I achieved today, tomorrow is a brand new "living" day.
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