Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Big Monopoli field America has turned into

I guess it would be amusing and even comic if we Europeans and the full World weren´t involved too.
May be this is going to be the only possible solution.
Playing with fake money, as we already do.
Pretending the green banknote is still worth something.
In a world were reality and virtual reality have become one, where what you see is written on a screen and the moment the switch decides, the page doesn´t exist anymore, we can do the same with our lives.
Living on a screen, jumping in it in the morning and leaving the virtual reality in the evening.
We still have to find out how to fool our body, making it insensible to hunger, cold, rain, snow, hurricanes.
And how to fool electricity producers, because also virtual reality needs to be fed.
Will technology help us?
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