Friday, June 05, 2009

It is just the end of stupidity...

The modern economy is based on what people have become, or better, on how they were plastered to be.
The good principle of marketing is offering the market what people want.
And what do people want?
Mostly the "package".
When they want to buy something being it a house appliance or a Holyday, they like very much the "all included".
They want to shop for the ready to use bargain.
First it must be easy to find, shining to look at, convincing to buy and easy to use.
You must have everything in one: the pre, the in, the post.
Second it must be affordable.
Preferably not $999, but $10 a month.
It doesn’t matter how many months, nobody is interested.
The only thing in which the customer is interested in is that he can afford to buy it.
Use it today and pay tomorrow.
It even doesn’t matter that when tomorrow comes he is not able to pay for it, well, the thing is anyway used, why bothering?
As long as there is somebody willing to pay before and enjoy the profits later...
But when the later comes and not only there is no profit anymore, but there is no capital invested too, well things change.
No more use it today and pay tomorrow, no more pay before and enjoy the profits later...

Is this the real end of capitalism?
No it is just the end of stupidity...
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