Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where is the money going in the next future?

I have an answer, and I have no doubt you come to my very same conclusion: ONLINE.
I am no "marketer", no expert of marketing or digital advertizing.
I am much more than that: I am a consumer.
And that makes me a better expert than any marketing planner.
I am like millions out there and I certainly KNOW where I like to shop and where I like to spend my spare time.
So, if you belong to the category of people who wants to make money and actually be able to work in the next future, you HAVE to inform yourself, times are changing, are you?
If you are one of the many that lately have struggled and strained to maintain a profitable livelihood in an ever-changing marketplace, Tom Treves has the right posts in the right Blog.
What can be more interesting than reading all what you need to know in a few, well written lines, quite amusing and catching?
I usually find very interesting reading blogs (not all of course) and I have a few I daily check for updates.
Because I like the writer and I enjoy reading them.
The good result is that I am always very informed, in real time, about what is going on on the online world.
Times are undoubtedly changing and I am amusingly changing with them...
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