Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Times are changing and changing fast, why shouldn´t the law?

The Internet has entered our life transforming it just like a revolution.
Many changes are merely technical, communications are faster, the cost of gathering and getting data has lowered and so on.
But the biggest revolution was in the way our culture is made.
It has become the no boundaries culture, the real, precious globalization of the minds.
The Internet has unleashed extraordinary possibility for many to participate in the process of building and cultivating a culture.
Culture is no more a Nation’s luggage of knowledge.
It is world’s knowledge.
In this new and catching scenario the old copyrights world has been threatened by the potential of the Internet to change the way both commercial and noncommercial culture are made and shared.
Corporations have found the need to induce lawmakers to use the law to protect them.
It has become a real war against the technologies of the Internet, in order to defeat "piracy".
They have reduced the matter to the side to take in this war, in favor of property or against it.
In this perspective “piracy” is wrong, and the law, properly tuned, should punish “piracy,” whether on or off the Internet.
Are the new technologies of the Internet “trespassing” upon legitimate claims of “property”?
The Internet makes possible the efficient spread of content. Peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing is among the most efficient of the efficient technologies the Internet enables.
It is also the most efficient way to spread culture.
I believe it would be right for common sense to revolt against the extreme claims made today on behalf of “intellectual property”.
I believe it would be wrong to stop the process to change the way culture is made, just for defending the interests of the few.
I believe intellectual property is right and must be rescued.
I believe it is time to change the law.
Times are changing and changing fast, why shouldn’t the law?
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