Friday, June 05, 2009

A Nation is a society of individuals

The big problem of America is what was its strength for long: the fact that it is a big, united nation, where they speak the same language and ALL tend to do the same mistakes.
Bubbles here are very easy.
Once you start is like an avalanche: they ALL follow.
That was the reason why the Stock market was so blooming before 29 and it fell after.
That is why the "house market" followed the same track and had the same end.
One thing must be said about the Americans: they really have a "collective" life.

The Mass likes to have the road prepared and the "few", of course, like to prepare it...

Is it a matter of education?

Europe is much more an heterogeneous country.

We do not socialize, we "fight".
Of course no more with weapons.
We fight with words and competition.
You will never convince a French to do what an Italian does.
No easy bubbles here...

Is it a matter of schools?
In my school they mostly taught how to discuss, how not to believe, how to think...and I believe that is a good school...
A nation is not a herd of sheep’s.
It is a society of individuals, that is what educators should keep in mind.
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