Saturday, June 12, 2010

BP is no stranger to environmental crime

The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was far from the "unavoidable accident" BP claimed it to be, driven by a reckless pursuit of profits and selfish disregard for our planet.

Followed by a rather obvious cover-up.

BP is no stranger to environmental crime. Over the past two decades, BP subsidiaries have been convicted of three crimes in Alaska and Texas, including two felonies. BP also holds the dubious honor of receiving the stiffest fine in history for work safety violations[i].

And with the current disaster, their lies have spewed forth as fervently as the oil.

First, BP denied there was a leak. When they could no longer hide that fact, they lowballed the estimate of the leak at 5,000 barrels a day, which is probably low by a factor of 20. And instead of taking responsibility, they are playing PR gymnastics and finger pointing.

Making the environmental disaster even worse, BP is dumping dispersants into the Gulf by the bathtub-full—and they have chosen the worst of the worst.
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