Sunday, June 20, 2010

Peak oil

It is NOT that there is not enough oil, it is that there is too much waste of it.
How many tons of plastic are in our garbage?
How many irons, fridges, garden appliances we used for a little while and then we had the problem to throw away?
In Italy we still use roads made in stones by Romans 2000 years ago.
It takes much longer to make a road like that and it doesn’t allow huge speed for cars, but it lasts forever.
It is like Chinese goods compared to good quality goods.
They are much cheaper, but you are lucky if they last one week...
We have to learn to make good, long lasting goods.
I honestly begin to be fed up to change my appliances every year.
It is a waste of money, of time and mostly of resources.
We drawn in garbage and our life is getting hell.
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