Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Today's Nazis are the Jews

"There you have it: the infamous crimes of Nazism invoked as a shorthand for the policies of the Jewish state."

This is no reason, may be is an excuse.
It is a learned lesson that repeats itself.
Once victim, no more victim.
Attack is the best defense.
Once treated as subhuman, you learn how to treat subhumans, first making them so and then taking advantage of your power.
"There are a thousand examples one could give of the arrogance of power and its baleful effects: revolutions devouring their own children; reforming governments that have lost touch with their popular base; liberation movements corrupted by the spoils of office; democratically elected politicians who have come to think they are not subject to the same law as others; great powers going to war without just cause; and so on."
How to? It is very simple, Hitler was the greatest teacher of all.
Reduce your enemy as something which has nothing of human anymore.
Think of people as numbers and then erasing numbers is easier than what you think.

See the world as a mass of men, not individuals.
Think of them as "the others". Never allow yourself to feel or imagine what it feels like to be them.
Today's Nazis are the Jews.
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