Tuesday, June 08, 2010

How long?

"Germany doesn't want to hear about bailouts and stimuli anymore. Germany is looking to reinstate something like a "normal" economy based on producing things of value and paying for things when you have the capital to do it. Germany is pulling the plug on the debt-o-rama banking rackets -- at least insofar as these rackets leave Germany holding the bag for a growing list of deadbeat nations."

If Europe is dead then US is already buried.

"Those f*cking Germans! Don't they know they lost the war? Reparations are still due and payable, in the form of going along with the Geithner debt-o-rama. Here's the gig, people. Either "they" (i.e.the rest of the world) goes along with our financial escapades or they get nuked. Don't tell me there isn't that implicit threat. Why else have all those nukes? Don't believe it? Then you really don't know just how craven those in the driver's seat are."

I understand. We Europe (Italy and Germany) lost the war, so, after 65 years we still have to pay!
But for how long?
And did the US pay for Korea or Vietnam?
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