Tuesday, June 01, 2010

When local goes global

Do you need a local insurance, a place easily reachable when you need, may be even walkable from home and nevertheless you want something that can offer you ALL the advantages that only a big insurance can offer?
Do you work in Sausalito and need a business insurance policy?
But in the meantime you live somewhere else in California and still need a California home insurance?
Something close to your business and in the mean time close to home, when you need it?
In a few words, do you need to go global staying local?
Nothing easier today.
You just have to choose the right insurance, the one near you that can offer the best price and the best premiums.
You can easily compare on the website and see how much you can save.
And if you live in California and have a business in New York?
No problem, you can have also a business insurance in New York and walk into their office in your town.
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