Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to change your dreams into reality

What is the best holiday?

It depends on who is going, where they go, and mainly it depends on the budget.

That is the unmagic word we all hate to hear when it comes to do something.

Dreams and hopes are always far superior to the means available to fulfill them.

But for once imagine you can dream to have the holiday you always wanted, something even more than what you would dare to dream, something like a holiday that can last 365 days, yes , something like one full year and you do not even have to bother how much it will cost!

Imagine to be able to choose the best hotels, in the best places of the world, and imagine all this is FREE.

It looks impossible, but for once in your life it could be possible, a dream come true.

Radisson Blu is holding a competition where you can apply, no cost, no catch.

What do you need?

Just a little bit of creativity, or a big bit, it depends on how creative you are, and how creative the others who apply are.

I presume it is going to be kind of tough, creativity is something usually proportional to the prize, and this IS something worth to squeeze your brain to find something unique.

In the meantime let me explain how it works:

Visit their website and tell them why you should be the chosen one.

But this is not enough, because to win you also need to have the biggest number of votes.

So, you could for example invite your friends, or whoever, to vote for you, maybe telling the world you need votes through a social network or any other way.

Imagine: being able to spend 365 nights in a glamorous hotel in a location you can choose among 200 and what is really nice is that you can do it during a 5 years period! Isn’t it the greatest holiday in the world ?

The competition lasts till July 24th and you must be either an EU citizen, or a citizen of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland to participate to enter this competition. But  ANYONE CAN VOTE!


Well, what do you need?

You need creativity, you need confidence, you need luck and of course a lot of  friends...

And in case you do not win?

It was nice anyway, dreaming costs nothing, but makes you feel so much better.

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