Thursday, November 14, 2013

The colonization of our minds

Technology behind television and videos create a kind of state like hypnosis, where information is absorbed without being processed , the more you put yourself in front of a screen the more susceptible you are, the more you are getting the propaganda that the controller of that technology wants you to get.
It is all corporate control, conditioning you to buy, buy, buy, and becoming a consumer to a point that the more you watch certain news and the less you know, since you are indoctrinated to certain propaganda.
You just learn what they want you to.
That is not subliminal conditioning, it is being bombarded by certain propaganda, it is being inundated with false data.
Garbage in, garbage out.
You are totally convinced of false data, because that is what you get from those sources.
That is influencing minds.
You should have good food and good nutrition for your body as well as good food and good nutrition for your mind.
In one way or another we are all conditioned, our minds have been colonized.
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