Monday, November 18, 2013


Every day one farmer kills himself in France.
Even though France receives 9 billions a year for subsidize farming.
The problem is that the money goes to the big, the ones who do not need it, because they have easy access to cheap credit.
"Yesterday my neighbor killed himself.
The bank just called to tell him that they were not going to renew his credit. That meant he had to give back the money he didn’t have, that he was going to face bankruptcy and loose ALL he had.
No farm, no job, no house, no food for his family."
And what happens then?
The bank grabs his farm, gives it up on an auction to one of the bigs who have the chance to get new land for nothing and getting bigger.
The same is happening with the small companies.
That is how you kill the economy and commit genocide.
Thank you Europe!
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