Sunday, November 17, 2013

People versus elite: easier than what you think

They say babies are born at night, so my ideas, when I cannot sleep and everything looks clearer.
There are two worlds: the real world, made by real people, who really work and produce.
Then there is the fake world, the one made by people who do not work, who do not produce, the PARASITES.
Those exist and thrive thanks to the real people who work and produce for THEM.
In order to do so they use the MONEY they print, which has no real value, because its value is the paper’s in which it is not even printed anymore.
One hour of the real people work is worth 7 dollars of THEIR fake money.
And that is possible because the REAL people accept it.
What would happen if the real people would say; I do not accept your fake money, in exchange of MY work or MY assets I want real money: gold or services.
It would happen that the REAL people, the ones who work, could afford the REAL money, while the parasites could eat their paper.
Why don’t we do it?
Wouldn’t it be so difficult just to say no?
To have REAL representative, people who are paid by us and work for US?
We could have OUR REAL money, printed by us, that could buy the real things, produced by the real people.
It just takes a little detail: wake up and live in OUR real world, leaving the financial fake world to the gamblers.
They can eat what they produce.
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