Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We, the people

TAFTA or TAP Trans Atlantic partnership is what they ( US and EU) are discussing at the moment.
As usual one thing is what they call it, what they say it is and the other the reality.
It has everything those few multinational corporations need and lacks one big detail: Democracy.
That is why not only nobody asks me and you (we, the people) if we want it or not, but following the best rules of the best dictatorship, the talkings are done in the utmost secret and the deal will be signed, either we like it or not, and THEN, one day, the presstitutes will tell us: a new deal was signed to improve trade among US and EU. It will bring jobs and money and people will live happily ever after.
The discussion is NOT about the rules or whatever, it is about WHAT our WHORE politicians will get to sell our sovereignty.
That is the best way to have elections and what they call democracy, but in reality we will just vote for the best KAPO, will pay them and THEY will execute the big corporations orders.
If anybody has doubts about the outcome of the TAFTA, I invite him or her to inform themselves about NAFTA or TPP Trans Pacific partnership.
Canada, after signing the agreement had the gut to make a law against additives on gasoline, because it was proved they caused cancer.
They were sued and not only lost the sue, but even had to pay a HUGE fine, just to remind them who is the Boss....
For the ones who care about their health, we will be obliged to accept Monsanto and the likes, ALL small industry will be destroyed and obliged to close.
The middle class will have the final stroke and WE ALL will work for them, at the salary THEY will decide, and the moment we will have something to complain about, we will lose job, house, money.
People, when they think of the New World Order imagine somebody like Mussolini.
I explain you what it will be. We will still have our nice politicians that we will still vote to put in their place, but they will take the money from us and work for the REAL government, the PIN STRIPE Mafia: BIG Banks and Corporations, exactly the same that are responsible for destroying our economy and our society.

For what reason do you think they did it?

This will be the genocide of the 21st century, Hitler style, but Stalin size, even bigger.
The difference this time is that there will be NOBODY to help us people to get rid of it.
It will be “till death us part”.
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