Monday, November 11, 2013

High frequency trading

It works in a very simple way.
The all matter is in being faster, nanosecond and even less.
It can be explained in a few words: how to cheat big investors realizing how much and when they make their bets on the stock market, then being faster a nanosecond, buying the stocks they are buying and reselling them for a price of a penny more for every stock.
One penny can be a huge sum if you buy and sell millions a second.
That is the easiest way to make money never losing, because you buy JUST what you will sell.
But being easy to understand doesn’t mean it is easier to do.
The way to be faster is JUST the right algorithm, but it takes a genius to invent it.
That is why at Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and co. you find the best minds of our society, the best brains, the M.I.T masters.

This is also the mirror of what our society has become.
The best minds, the best brains, that once worked to make a better world, NOW work to make a faster bet, so that they can cheat faster and better the world.
What a waste!

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