Sunday, November 10, 2013

We terrorists

The electoral campaign in Europe has begun.
This looks like one of the most important in Europe’s life, because people will vote for deputies, but in reality Europe’s life itself is on stake.
That is why it is utmost important to be ready and to be ready on time. All European’s army is on alert.
At least the kabala that is driving Europe at this moment (which is exactly the same that rules USA, Canada and UK.

They have one only goal and one only voice: theirs.
That means that ours not only doesn’t count, but must be fought in every possible way.
One powerful way is to convince the ones who know nothing, who think nothing, who understand nothing, but have one big advantage: they vote.
It is that small piece of paper in which they will write a name.
The name is unimportant, the important is what it means, yes or no.
The strategy is to convince those who will do their best, who will be able to give them a job, a house, a future.
And, as usual, it doesn’t really matter if they mean or want, or mean the opposite, what really matters is what those believe.

First step: Draghi lowered the interest, the maximum he could.
Well, he could even go to zero, but, zero is no interest at all...
That means the European countries can borrow more at the same cost.
At least till the elections. Nobody talks of the "after"
Second step will be to rig all the possible numbers. GDP, Inflation rate, taxes and so on.
What they cannot rig is the standard of living, the REAL numbers.
Very little does to me to know that the inflation is 0,2 when my expenses grow 40%.
I guess they have good chances to be successful.
If there are still a lot of people who believe that you can get thinner eating as much as you want, no exercise, then there are enough people who can believe you can create jobs, increase the investments, with what they call "structural measures" which means: more taxes, firing people, less credit, less education, less infrastructures.
As they can believe that they can lose weight going on with the same lifestyle, just with a miraculous pill, so they can believe there will be growth going on the same path that brought the bankruptcy.

The miraculous pill is printing new money, inventing new taxes, firing a few millions. That will bring richness, a higher standard of living, more consumes, new jobs.
But why then Rompuy is shouting that whoever doesn’t believe in Europe is a "populist" (Letta said even "terrorist") and must be stopped in ANY WAY.
If being a terrorist or a populist is believing in a better future for our children, then, I am a TERRORIST, I am a POPULIST and Mr. Rompuy, Mr. Barroso, Mister Letta VAFFANCULO!!!!
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