Thursday, August 30, 2007

All the taste without the calories

Isn't that great?
Being able to drink as sweet as we like (I mean the Real Taste), but with no consequencies for our weight (zero sugar).
I wish they could invent also something like Lasagne with all the taste of Lasagne, but with zero calories (and of course the REAL Lasagne's taste).
Or a wonderful chocolate cake, or a Tiramisu.
I would eat as much as I can and just forget about it.
Probably life would be too nice and too easy...
For now we have to be happy with Coke zero and just hope in a Sweeter Future...
In the meantime Coke is launching the Coke Zero campaign.
It reads like this:
It makes available to you some old black and white movies that you can use to make your own, changing the audio in a very easy way.
You can make a complete new movie, may be a funny one.
Isn't it thrilling to be a film director?
Then you post it and send it to your friends.
The one who is able to make the best (which is the best rated) wins.
So,the link is and the competition goes under the name "Life as it should be".

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