Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Puerto Rico

Last year while vacationing in Puerto Rico, I became aware of the easy and freedom with which they approach the water.
One day, I saw a middle aged man lower himself into the deep end of the pool, but just when I expected him to start swimming, he brought his feet together, placed his hands along his thighs and with his head above the surface, began to float upright as if standing on a transparent shelf.
Approaching the pool, I examined him closely, several feet of water separated him from the bottom, and there was no device to keep him afloat.
“Excuse me,” I asked,” Why don’t you sink?”
“Why should I?” said the man, “I don’t want to”.
“Then why don’t you swim?" “I don’t want to swim”.
“What do you do to buoy yourself like that?” I asked.
“Can’t you see?” said the man, ”I do nothing”
“But what’s the trick?” I asked watching his every move.
“Being oneself. That’s the trick.”
“Being oneself, that’s all?”
“That’s all”.
“But when I’m myself and do nothing I drown” I objected.
“To drown is to do something,” said the man “” Do nothing. Be yourself”
“Easily said. Is there a place where I could learn it?”
“There is,” he replied, a bit impatient. “Water in Puerto Rico.”
This is for the people who have never been to Puerto Rico, who have already been there once, who have already been there many times.
There is still something to learn.
How to be yourself.
I still didn’t, that is why I keep going there.
And How?
Of course withPuerto Rico guide.
Where can you book a cheap and comfortable vacation elsewhere?
Did you know that Archaic Indians from South America first came to Puerto Rico around 4500 B.C?
May be the man I met was a son of a son of a son etc. of one of them...
If you do not want to go for the beautiful landscape, for the beautiful weather, for the beautiful can do it to find yourself.
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