Tuesday, August 21, 2007

If you want an unforgettable holiday, you must go to England

I am so fond of England that I almost feel more English than Italian.
I love everything of England, even the weather, which is something most people wouldn't.
I lived three years in London, the only place in the world where you can have all the four seasons in one day and you never have umbrellas enough.
I do not know how many I lost on the subway.
May be as many as I bought in all the car boot sales I visited (and they were many, believe me)
London is the place where you know that even if you spent the longest holiday in your life you would always have still something to see or to experience.
I went there the first time when I was sixteen and I found all what I was mostly fond of.:
shopping, friends, night life.
I went back when I was twenty and I was fond of different things.
And also then London offered me more than any other place I ever visited.
Fond of art? You can begin with the British museum and go on through the centuries and arrive to the Tate modern and you realize that you can go back because you didn't see all.
Fond of shopping?
You can begin in Regent Street, or Bond street and go on and see all the Markets and Car Boot Sales and you can be sure that you still missed a lot, enough to have a good excuse to go back another time.
With the dawn of the Low Cost Airlines, going to London is much cheaper than taking a train for a short trip in your own country.
If you are not a gourmet, you can live eating a lot at very good pricing.
The only weak point has always been finding a cheap place to sleep.
But with Hotels in London that is no more a problem. You can find all the most available and affordable accommodations you can dream.
And not only, you can also find Hotels in Manchester or cheap Hotels in Birmingham .
England has never been so alluring (and so cheap), so why not taking advantage out of it?
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