Wednesday, August 29, 2007

London-NewYork, it takes just a few minutes...

In my times planning a trip to New york took quite a long time.
Especially if your goal was going there, living there for a while and spending as little money as you had in your budget.
First you had to look forflights to New York, and it was not so easy to find cheap flights.
Then you had to look where to go and where to sleep and where to eat and how to move.
All, of course, within your budget.
And the Net was not available, so, either you had to contact a Travel Agency in your town (which was expensive) or contact somebody who could direct you to the right place.
Now, thanks to the Internet, you decide to go and a few minutes later you can know where and how and how much and of course easily book and relax, waiting for "departure day".
On Dial a flight you can find it all:
Flight, accommodations and tips.
And all the possibilities are available:
Cheap flights, every kind of hotels or villas or resorts, in the city, on the beach, in the country, wherever pleases you (and your wallet).
Nothing is left.
You can even check about vaccinations, insurance, weather.
You can book a flight, you can book a Holiday, you can book a car hire...
The only thing you still need is an Internet connection and of course a valid credit card...

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