Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Curiosity is the mother of intelligence

And is the father of curiosity.
If you are your brain's publisher is the place to publish it.
It is nothing else than personalized news and much more than just news.
It is what everybody (or most everybody) can find amusing and worth to have a look to.
And it is what just the Internet could produce: a place where publisher and reader meet, where you can be reader and publisher, you can say whatever you like and in the way you like.
You can have the first page of a widespread newspaper and write on it.
If you are good, you're there, if you are not, you can always try again.
The average brain weighs about the same as a kilogram bag of sugar.
And we are talking about one and a half liters of protein and fat, the most remarkable structure in the Universe.
But what is it worth if it cannot express itself?
That is where websites like come in.
"digital technology and networks are part of the evolution, not just of the human species, but of the planet itself.
The planet is going to be networked, and a billion brains are going to be connected together, and that will have a profound impact on humans, and on the planet, unlike any that we have seen before" (Louis Rossetto)
And in this huge Network is going to have a good share, as a place where our brains meet, telling stories, ordinary stories of ordinary people, in an extraordinary way...

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