Monday, November 05, 2007

How IPTV will perfectly fit in Social Media

Once there was the old traditional, one way TV.
The one broadcasted on a TV screen low or high resolution, small or big, black and white or colored.
Tomorrow we'll have a new, successful, two way IPTV.
Not any more passively looked at, but actively used to interact and socialize.
The first, really democratic TV.
Why Democratic?
Because everybody will be able to be user and broadcaster, will be able to look and to listen to as well as to talk and to show.
The Internet this fabulous way to exchange ideas and thoughts, opinions and lifestyles, will also be the way to produce videos and broadcast them, music and promote it.
Besides fitting in social media it perfectly fits in my own personal life.
I am a born commenter, a born opinionist, a born complainer, a born broadcaster, what I lacked was the way and the money to.
But it looks like this won't be an issue anymore...
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