Monday, December 17, 2007

Baldness an ugliness today are something most men and women can consider like something belonging to the past...

I belong to the generation who considered hair loss like a big tragedy.
Not so many years ago, losing your hair was something that condemned you to the use of a wig, which never really looked like the natural hair, or to a inglorious baldness which was even worse.
That is why Hair Transplant Surgery
is something I consider like a big step forward of science and surgery.
You can really not only have back your hair, but even have the hair you never had and always dreamed.
I used to joke about myself, since I was born with a very fine and sleek hair, with no volume and, what is worse, a nicely round face, which doesn't match it.
I fought all my life against its natural disposition, dreaming of curls and nice, thick voluminous hair.

Now, the idea I can help it a little bit, having what I dreamed all my life, makes me so happy.
So, how to proceed?
The first step is an evaluation of the donor area, located at the back and sides of the head. Those are the places where you usually have thicker hair (as usual where you need it less...)
This area contains the hair follicles that are genetically programmed not to shed and the most resistant to balding. Only a trained specialist can judge whether you have the sufficient hair density needed for successful hair transplantation.
Second step is preparing micro grafts (a unit that contains 1, 2, or 3 hairs), these will be placed into the thinning or balding areas.
The ability is in creating a "natural look", that is, knowing where to place them in varied angles to create a natural looking airline.
This is a permanent solution, since the follicles retain their genetic ability to block hair loss.
The new hair grafts will grow into fuller, thicker hair, thanks to the help of special products like Rogaine, Laser Hair Therapy, and laser combs.
So, baldness an ugliness today are something most men and women can consider like something belonging to the past...

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