Thursday, December 20, 2007

Isn't that what we think Heaven should be?

How would you like a garden IN the garden?
A place where you can relax, work, live your free time, like if you were in your garden, but being in a sheltered place, no rain, no snow, no cold, no heat?
Gardens, and I talk because I have a house with a big garden, are wonderful to look at, but there are so few days a year you can actually enjoy being there.
Either is Winter and it is too cold, or there is too much snow.
Or it is Spring and the garden looks alluring, but it mostly rains and the days are still quite cool and short.
Or it is Summer and you would think you can spend most of your time in the garden.
But it is usually too hot, there are mosquitoes, too much sun and so on...
But actually having a garden in the garden a shelter where is never too warm or too cold, where it never rains or snow, that is a real dream.
No more today.
You can buildgarden offices or garden places where you can do whatever you would like to do in a garden, providing you have the right place in it.
Garden Escapes combine innovative design with the natural beauty of your garden; traditional materials like wood and glass with sophisticated technology to create a garden building where you can actually "live" and work, a home office, an elegant garden room or just a place to relax away from the house. Together with Garden Escape comes an experienced team of technicians, that will design a room tailored to fit your individual needs.
What about a big party?
You do not need to look at weather forecast.
Your garden is always available.
Or just resting and looking outside, feeling comfortable and in the same time, being close to Nature?
Or having your office, a place where you can comfortably work, in the green and best of all, where the only noise is the chirping of the birds.
Isn't that what we think Heaven should be?

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