Monday, December 24, 2007

The Dolce Vita was just a movie

There is no sour Italy since there was never a sweet one.
The Dolce vita at Fellini's time, as well as at our time. belonged to a few.
For all others, and especially at that time, life was hard and sour.
Things have changed for a short while, with Italy, as many other countries, enjoying a better life thanks to new technologies and a certain share of the revenue.
But this gave Italians the wrong idea that you can have something, or a lot, the easy way.
China, India and soon Africa and South America, came up to remind that life and richness doesn't belong to a few.
Resources must be shared and it is not right that 2% of the world's population enjoy 90% of its richness.
Italy realized that sooner, but do not worry, others will follow.
A cloudy future is ahead of us all.
Either we learn the meaning of the word sharing or we are condemned to a long lasting war.
War fought with real weapons and with economic weapons.
I do not know what hurts more.
At the end the result, either we like it or not, is what any physic would predict:
If you have to bowls linked together and in one you put one liter water, slowly the water will flow also in the second one, till it reaches the balance which is 50% each...
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