Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas in Europe

Do you plan a trip to Europe?
Here are a few tips where to go and what to see, from a European...
1) First destination should be London.
Especially at Christmas there is no place like London for shopping.
And sightseeing of course.
Don't forget the "London eye” to have the first impression of the city.
And of course Westminster, Buckingham Palace (if you are fond of Princess Diana you should not forget Kensington Palace), Trafalgar square, the British Museum and of course the Tate Gallery.
I personally love the Tate Modern.
Madame Tusseaud if you fancy celebrities in wax.
There are so many things to see in London that one month is not enough.
I lived there three years and I still didn't see all.
If you want a comfortable place to stay, I suggest youLondon Hotels.
Second in Europe is of course Paris and also in this case you can really enjoy your stay in Paris Hotels .
The only thing I do not like in Paris at Christmas time is the weather, but there are enough museums to spend all your time without feeling the cold.
First the Louvre (where the Monnalisa is), then the Centre Pompidou, the Musee d'Orsay (for impressionists' art).
Of course you cannot be in Paris and not visit the Tour Eiffel and Montparnasse.
My special mention in Europe is for Berlin, where I have been a lot of times and every time I find something new and special.
Germany at Christmas has a special touch, with those characteristic Christmas markets, the gluehwein, the lebkuchen, the hand made gifts.
Also here you should choose Berlin Hotels .
Finally I would think of Barcelona as the place to be for the last day of the year.
Not only the weather is right,(mild and sometimes even warm in spite of winter) but also the people are so friendly and willing to celebrate like no other in Europe.
I would say that they do that much better than any kind of work, quite similar to their close cousins in Italy...
Also here there is no better place to spend your holiday than Barcelona Hotels.
What can I say?
Have the best holiday and enjoy Europe!
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