Friday, December 21, 2007

One of the most important thing to insure is your "Heartbeats"

Illnesses are something we never think about, or , if we do, it's always something happening to the "others".
Because when you are well and in good health you take it for granted, and it looks like it will always be like this.
But life has something good and something bad for everybody, that is why it pays to be ready also for the worst.
Of course with a good Insurance.
I usually do it, first because I am kind of pessimist, and second because I like to feel safe, even when everything looks good and OK.
It makes me feeling better to know I have a good Health insurance that is going to cover also what I hope will never happen to me.
That includes extensive cover for any kind of treatment including out-patient consultations, diagnostic tests and therapies, the chance to have a good choice of consultants and specialists, cover for acute heart and eligible cancer conditions ( I had a brother who died for a Malignant Melanoma at 49), and of course all the available medical information and guidance.
When you opt for an Insurance, you can choose for different level of covering, of course with a different level of cost.
If you want a ‘health insurance quote’ you can click on my link and decide what better suits your need.
You will also find a good guide and answers about the most common questions about health insurance.
Because it is important to have a good Insurance, but it is also important to know everything before deciding.
It always pays off to spend a few minutes more Before, then regretting later...

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