Monday, December 17, 2007

How NOT to fear mirrors...

What about a very special gift for Christmas?
What about the best way to begin a new year?
What about that special dream of having a new face, or a new breast, or slimmer legs, or a new you in the mirror?
Once looking pretty and nice was a gift you were born with, something you were going to loose with aging.
Today you can find old women that are much more beautiful than young girls.
That was impossible some years ago, when in Fairy Tales the old queens had to compete with young stepdaughters and of course hearing the impious mirrors swearing their beauty was gone with the years and would have never come back...
Today mirrors are as unflattering as then, but women can fool them looking gorgeous even at a critical age..
The important is finding the right Plastic Surgeon.
And also knowing where and when and how.
But if you have a computer, an Internet connection, is just a matter of a few clicks.
And you will be able to see the nice, beautiful woman you used to be, or, if you were not so lucky, you can see a new, beautiful woman smiling even in an impious mirror...
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