Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Past on history, but not on our hearts and imagination

When I was around ten I has, as Christmas present, a book, which I loved so much I think I read it two or three times.
I remember it was the story of Tommy River, a cowboy who lived in the other century in West USA.
I am Italian and probably this sounded even more fascinating to my ears and eyes.
He had a horse, of course, and the most adventurous life.
When I saw this website of cowboy figurines, for me it was like going back many years.
They are so well done, that would fit perfectly any home.
These historical reproductions of cowboys will capture the imaginations of many generations, the fascination that shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.
All ages are charmed and inspired by the image of the cowboy, who is seen as the ultimate representative of a past gone on the paper, but not from the heart.
And what about the Liberty Bronze Pony Express figurine?
Who doesn't have in his heart the Western story, as told in many movies of our youth?
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