Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What if machines outsmart man?

Criminals could exploit artificial intelligence systems as soon as they were developed. What could a criminal do with a speech synthesis system that could masquerade as a human being? What happens if artificial intelligence technology is used to mine personal information from smart phones?

There are possible threats to human jobs, like self-driving cars, software-based personal assistants and service robots in the home.

What if technology undermines our world, our daily life, ourselves?
What if technology goes too far?

I would ask: what if it doesn’t?
What if man stopped in the name of safety, of certainty, of humanity?
This is an impossible scenario.
We cannot stop just because something can go wrong, or robots could be a threat to us.
Technology is a part of our humanity.
Being human is thinking and thinking is evolving.
Not necessarily ALWAYS in better, because the best of the best has a part of bad in it.
What is good for me can be wrong for you.
But that doesn’t mean I have to stop to be me, as you cannot stop to be you.
What we can do, is what man did since the dawn of humanity: finding rules that define the boundaries of my freedom to allow you to enjoy yours.
And may be also care that I, as well as you, am aware that those boundaries exist.
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