Tuesday, April 13, 2010

News in clouds

If you are somebody like me, the sight of clouds is the least alluring, but this time I am talking of digital clouds (or virtual if pleases best).
It looks like today publishing — from the cloud, changing not only the production process of news but also its culture is possible and real.
"A news(paper) can be produced from WordPress, Google Docs, and Flickr (or their equivalents). We’ll get to the other functions shortly."
"So now a reporter can start blogging at the beginning of a story.
And that makes a profound shift in the culture of news: it opens up the process to the public.
“Here’s what I think I’ll work on,” the reporter says to the community she covers.
“Good idea? Is there something else you think I should do instead? What’s the best use of my time? What do you want me to find out for you? If I do this story, what questions do you have?
What do you know? Whom should I call?” As the process continues, the reporter can share what she learns — and doesn’t learn — and the community can help fill in blanks and make the reporting better."
"At the same time, the reporter and editor can ask the community for photos to illustrate the story. They can be shared via Flickr. When it’s time to print, an editor can copy the high-resolution version of an image. If the photographer chooses, he can make the photo available under Creative Commons. If the paper chooses to (as Bild does in Germany), it can pay. That’s up to them. The taking of photos can become competitive: a reader says “I can beat that.” "
That also can make the newspaper ( at this point we should find something else to call it)always changing.
The news begins with the first photos and then we get better and better...
This IS globalization.
A newspaper written in the cloud, things which are accessible from China to Europe to America...and of course the Internet plays the part of the King.

How could we call it?

iNews, or weNews, or cloudNews, broadbandnews, WDFnews
Write, read now and never pay? Be part of the news?

This is a big step in the future of news, may be the only possible bail out for newspaper.
Remember? Everything has to change, so that everything is always the same...
This is the Internet generation, the end to end network.
Not a centralized power or centralized news, but an end to end news...

Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't.
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