Friday, April 23, 2010

The question you should ask when choosing is: will it be worth?

Few people realize that 95 percent of all Web searches in the United States are handled by two companies, Google and Yahoo, either directly or through other sites that use their technology.
While search engines are indispensable for finding information online, the technology on which they are based serves to narrow the field of sites that people see.
Google's use of links to find content essentially turns the Web into the world's biggest popularity contest - and just as in high school, this can have negative consequences.
Google's great innovation in online searching, and the main reason it is so successful, is that its technology analyzes links among Web pages, not just the content within them.
Behind Google's complex ranking system is a simple idea: each link to a page should be considered a vote, and the pages with the most votes should be ranked first.
This elegant approach uses the distributed intelligence of Web users to determine which content is most relevant.
The company's technology is so strong that its competitors have adopted a similar approach to organizing online information, which means they now return similar search results. Thus popular sites become ever more popular, while obscure sites recede ever further into the ether.
Google to prevent people from cheating has implemented a sophisticated system called LSI and has already started excluding websits with links to link farms, and paid links. For any SEO firm or webmaster, the only worthwhile ways to have good placement are articles and other web contents.
Each manual directory you submit should be relevant to your site; each directory should be chosen on the base of pedigree and reliability.
That is what a good SEO company does.

The two most important RULES to remember for effective SEO and internet marketing are:

1) Content is King!
2) Link Popularity is Queen!

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The question you should ask when choosing the right SEO is: will it be worth?
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